Split System Air Conditioning

Designed to provide lasting air temperature control to individual rooms, split system air conditioning is a highly valuable resource that is cost-effective, energy efficient, and elegant. While the most popular choice comes as a wall mounted unit, our split system air conditioner range comes in a wide variety of design styles with functionalities to suit any home or business.


Our popular wall mounted units consist of two parts; a stylish indoor unit and an external compressor unit. The indoor unit fills your room with beautiful, cool air while the external unit removes the heat from your newly cooled area, making it the best combination since Vegemite and toast. Our range of split system air conditioners are a triple threat – when it comes to cost, design and flexibility, there’s no comparison.


We understand the cost of air conditioning is a factor for many people, and at Tidal Air we put the needs of our East Coast clients first. While many people consider the low maintenance costs of window mounted air conditioning as the most cost-effective choice, the long-term cost benefit swings back in your favour using a split system that is able to cool individual rooms where window mounted units waste energy as cool air ‘leaks’ out.


Designed to work with the style of your home, the age of large, unsightly air conditioners is long gone. Our extensive range of split system air conditioners stand out. But not as eye sores, instead they jump off the wall with an elegant and luxurious modern look that complements rooms and adds value to homes.


Whether you’d prefer floor mounted splits, under ceiling cassette splits, or multi-head splits, our range of split system air conditioners is sure to impress. We pride ourselves on the versatile range of products we supply, combining quality brands, with exceptional workmanship, at a highly competitive price.


Without the need for large holes or expensive ducts, your quiet internal unit can be installed almost anywhere in your home while the external compressor can be placed up to 30 metres away. Where a traditional air conditioning unit must be close to the home to function, a split system uses a linking passage that gives you the freedom to place the outdoor compressor wherever you like. Conceal the compressor in the garage, in your garden shed, or tucked away down the side of your house, with a split system air conditioner you have complete control.


From outstanding design, to simple maintenance, and exceptional long-term savings, split system air conditioning is the perfect addition to any home. If you’re ready to make the smart, stylish decision, reach out and speak to the team at Tidal Air today!

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