Ducted Air Conditioning

There aren’t many experiences more infuriating than sitting through a hot and sticky summer day, willing your fan to cool you down before you melt into the ground like the Wicked Witch of the East Coast. Our range of stylish and effective ducted air conditioning solutions make every summer a breeze, affording you the power to warm and cool your entire home to suit any of your temperature needs.


A modern and exciting addition to any home, ducted air conditioning uses a central fan coil in your roof to connect to each room through a network of ducts. Air is distributed through adaptable multi-directional grills to ensure an even flow throughout your home. At Tidal Air, we understand every home is unique, so we provide grills available in a range of sizes, shapes and styles to complement your home’s personal style and decor. By using a centralised location hidden from view, you avoid the bulky indoor units that take up space and attract unwanted attention, leaving your home stylish, neat and tidy.


The defining quality to our exceptional range of ducted air conditioning units? Apart from our industry leading prices, ducted styles use insulated and flexible ducting, either in the ceiling or beneath the floor so you have instant access to heating and cooling at your fingertips. No more scrambling trying to find batteries for the remote, each ducted system comes with a handy wall mounted control system that is fully programmable with timers, fan speed and individual room control.


Would you prefer more control over the temperature of your office? Or, is your budget at breaking point stocking a summer’s worth of ice blocks for the kids? No matter what reason you have, ducted air conditioning is the effective and proven solution to your cooling needs. With the ability to control room temperature across your home or office using a single unit, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.


At Tidal Air we understand how important it is to keep costs down. With constantly rising electricity bills you need an air conditioning system that works smart, not hard. While the upfront installation costs may be higher than a more traditional air conditioning system, the ability to control zones within your home makes your new ducted system extremely energy efficient, targeting only the rooms you want, and leading to lower electricity bills over the life of your system.


Our team of skilled ducted air conditioning technicians can work with new home builds as well as existing homes, ensuring your family stays cool wherever you call home. So, if you’re ready to upgrade your home and add long-term value with a cost-effective and stunning new ducted addition, reach out and contact us today!

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